About Us


exceL eSports Ltd is a professional UK-based competitive eSports organisation. It is a joint venture between two ambitious, young entrepreneurs, Joel and Kieran, a 1st Class Honours Business Management Graduate from the University of Exeter and a trainee Lawyer at the University of Lancaster respectively. Here is our Mission Statement:


exceL eSports Ltd was established in 2014 and is a professional competitive gaming organisation that serves to enable its playing staff to compete at the highest level in global eSports. We value honesty, professionalism and integrity and look to combine our expertise with our passion for eSports to create a stable, profitable and successful organisation.


We also have an incredibly talented Staff Team, displayed by the organisational chart below:




We are a multi-platform organisation and are currently represented in four major eSports arenas: Call of Duty; FIFA; Gears of War and League of Legends. We have had multiple achievements in these different arenas, which can be found on our Achievements page. Please feel free to browse the other pages on this website to see a range of different content, from news articles to streams, photos and videos!


We're in this for the long-term and are approaching this as a business venture as opposed to simply a hobby. We are very interested in finding mutually beneficial agreements with potential Sponsors/Partners so if you are interested, please email us at info@excelesports.com. Alternatively, you can view our Social Media pages linked in the top-left corner of this page.