Organising Our Thoughts: The Importance of Strategic Planning

Thu 26th Feb 2015 - 8:46pm : General

Strategy. Small word, massive implications. A quick Google search returns a simple definition: “[a] method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem”. However, to simplify strategic concepts to a mere dictionary definition does not do it justice and the mere fact that strategic management is studied at post-graduate degree level is a testament to its complexity as a business concept.


However, I did not write this article to give you a 2,000 word essay of theoretical babble about strategy or its implications. Instead I wanted to write about exceL eSports’ strategy and where we see ourselves in the future. Firstly, I would like to introduce our mission statement:


“exceL eSports was established in 2014 and is a professional competitive gaming organisation that serves to enable its playing staff to compete at the highest level in European eSports. We value honesty, professionalism and enthusiasm and look to combine our expertise with our passion for eSports to create a stable, profitable and successful organisation.”


In order to achieve our mission statement, we have identified three strategic growth initiatives that will serve as our key focus over the coming months in order to work towards achieving our mission and to begin to solidify our place as one of the UK’s most successful organisations.


PC eSports

PC eSports is fast becoming a global phenomenon and it is vital that for us to thrive as an organisation we move beyond only supporting console gaming. Console eSports will always be a part of what we do at exceL eSports, because it is close to our hearts and we have full belief in its potential. However, we are looking to expand in to the PC scene, with our first venture likely to be with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.



Thus far in our venture we have received support from some fantastic organisations that have seen our potential and placed a great faith in what we do here at exceL eSports. However, in order to keep moving forwards and expanding at our desired rate we require further support from corporations that would be interested in a mutually beneficial association with us and can help fund our future ventures.



We are no strangers to the fact that a stable network is often the most powerful tool any business can possess. It is our desire to establish good relationships with all other major organisations within the UK eSports scene. We appreciate the need for competition but we do not feel this rules out the potential collaboration.  UK eSports is in its infancy and it is only through cooperation between major organisations, both Event organisers and those competing, that it will reach its full potential and begin to match its counterparts in America and Asia.


So there you have it, perhaps a lot of this didn’t come as a surprise to you but in a way, that shows that our approach is working. If you already recognised the values I stated we represented or the goals we are trying to achieve, then it shows we are heading in the right direction. These are the fundamentals behind exceL eSports’ strategy and hopefully you stick around to see it through to its completion.





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