CoD: A Time for Change

Fri 13th Mar 2015 - 11:03am : General
There have been a few changes in recent weeks, many of which we have touched upon for those who follow our Twitter feed, but for those who don't, it's time to bring you back up to speed!
Back at the beginning of March we parted ways with xL_Arjjm5 (Aaron) and xL_Shnepps (Rhys). Both Aaron and Rhys have contributed greatly in putting exceL onto the competitive gaming map and proved themselves to be gamers who, not only showed great talent and skill, also showed us what a good team should look like. 
Both Aaron and Rhys are now free agents, although this isn't likely to be the case for very long! From everyone here at exceL eSports we can only wish them the very best of luck and that, whoever they get signed up by, they will do astoundingly well. We will be watching their gaming careers closely, if you have any sense, so will you!
In light of losing two members of our roster in one fell swoop, the recruitment team here at exceL got busy. To be fair, it didn't take them long to russle up and snare some fresh new talent for us and another anouncement was made just a few days later. After some very favourable conversations we were more than happy to announce the signing of @xL_Lewiss (Lewis Cousins), @xL_Zer0 (Trei Morris) and @xL_Cosmic (Michael Nuttall) onto the exceL eSports Call of Duty roster. Along with existing member @xL_Seany (Sean O'Connor...if you didn't already know!) they will be joining, and representing, exceL for all online and LAN events.
Needless to say we are all extremely happy to welcome aboard our new team mates and can only see them carrying on the name of exceL eSports onto bigger and better things. Indeed, with our new signings, we are more than hopeful that they will show themselves to be one of Europe's top Call of Duty teams and everyone here is behind them all them way. Welcome to the team, guys.
It was indeed a busy time for the roster at the start of March and it was no different for the training regime. Under the watchful eye of coach xL_Bainsy the newly-formed team got busy with getting used to one anothers play styles, working together and communicating. 
And yet there was more news to be anounced, as we knew, the Gfinity Open was looming and due to age restrictions we weren't able to take our newly formed CoD roster along. Now, with exceL eSports being as hungry for success as we are, this meant we needed to find some substitutes who could do our name proud.
With a glorious banging of drums, blowing of trumpets and firing of streamers we then announced that @Arjjm5  @Shnepps, @Spxrkey & @Meemls would be stepping up to the plate and pulling out all the stops for exceL at the Gfinity Open. Now, we know what this looks like, but no, @Arjjm5 and @Shnepps are only coming in as substitutes for the Open itself, they won't be re-joining the CoD roster on a permanent basis! Despite that, exceL are more than happy to support this roster of astounding gamers and we have very high hopes for them over the weekend itself. 
So, as you can see, March has been a very busy period already for all here at exceL, especially where CoD has been concerned! Now that the dust is settling we would like to once again wish those who have left us the very best of luck in all future endeavours whilst those who have joined us, welcome to the family. 
These are very exciting times and exceL eSports is going from strength to strength.


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