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Fri 20th Mar 2015 - 11:07am : General
Seeing as it appears to be the season, or at least month, for us here at exceL to be making announcements, let's add another one into the mix! As of today, exceL eSports are proud to announce that we will now be expanding this empire of ours and establishing exceL.CS:GO with the signing of our first Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster!
The team that will be joining us were formerly known as Lime Goblins and now consist of Ollie ‘xL HYP0’ Cook, Andrew ‘xL AndrewIsGod’ Thursfield, Andrew ‘xL Resu’ Robson, Henry ‘xL chron1c’ Thornton. The fifth member of the team has yet to be made official but we know that the decision is coming imenantly so keep checking back in the coming few days.
Having recently competed in ESL UK Premiership Qualifiers, they managed to reach the dizzying heights of top four and top eight but, with only the top two teams going through to the Premiership on both occasions, they sadly just missed out. Despite this, there are two invitational spots available and the team remains hopeful of receiving one of these into the league. 
Flying under the banner of exceL, we look forward to watching them evolve into a force to be reckoned with over the next few months. They have the ability and talent to make other teams in the CS:GO world very nervous and now they have the support to ensure that they reach the heights they deserve.
With those thoughts in mind, there is no rest for the best and our CS:GO team will be looking to attend Muiltplay’s Insomnia 55 and the next epic.LAN tournament, which doesn't give the guys much time. With a gruelling training schedule ahead of them we hope that all our followers will make the guys feel welcome and show them your support. 
The exceL eSports Empire is growing and we'll be hearing a lot more from the exceL.CS:GO team in the coming weeks so check back often for more updates.


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