LoL: Reaching out for New Blood in the Top Lane

Fri 18th Sep 2015 - 9:54am : General : Gaming
Today exceL eSports' League of Legends roster has undergone an alteration. The LoL branch says goodbye to Sam 'Artorias' Willis and welcomes a new and fresh-blooded top laner hoping to make his mark on the UK competitive scene. I caught up with Jon 'xL Taty' Ellis, the Head Coach of the exceL.LoL team, to find out more about the teams decision to pursue new blood. Taty stated that during i56 the team put on a promising performance nearly taking games off of FM eSports but ultimately fell short of their expectations with a placement of 7/8th. i56 showcased not only the best the UK had to offer in terms of talent but also European talent in the form of Dignitas EU and Ex Nihilo, thus the odds were stacked against the exceL roster's first LAN showing.
All of us here at exceL would like to thank Artorias for his participation with the team and wish him all the best on his future. With saying goodbye to the old, we must also say hello to the new. Billy 'Trashclub Billy' Card, now known as xL Billy (@xL_Billy), was the previous Top Laner for the NUEL (National Univeristy Esports League) Super team who had also been competing in the ESL UK Premiership. Billy is a fairly new face to the competitive UK scene but is hoping to make his mark alongside exceL eSports.  
I decided to question Head Coach Taty on why he thought this new face was the right pick up for the LoL branch. 
"Billy provides a lot of what we expected from our previous top laner but wasn't there. His communication is very clear and on point whilst his teamfighting is good. So far working with him has been easy, he is quick to notice his mistakes and takes on feedback from both the team and the coaching team."
I caught up with the new top laner to say congratulations and offered him a chance to introduce himself. 
"Hey, I'm Billy and I'm the new toplaner for exceL. I've had competitive experience before playing for my university team, but I'm a fresh face in the UK scene. At exceL I hope to improve myself as a player, and also improve my teamwork and communication skills. I hope to achieve a lot with exceL in terms of tournaments, and I hope I'll transition into the team smoothly".
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