CoD: exceL.CoD Finalise Roster for EGL

Mon 21st Sep 2015 - 12:11pm : General : Gaming
Last week exceL eSports was pleased announce the latest addition to one of our Call of Duty rosters. After much trialling and deliberation, the exceL staff and Call of Duty roster have agreed that Jamie 'Insight' Craven will become the fourth and newest addition to the roster for the upcoming EGL Open - Blackpool 2015
I caught up with exceL's Director of Operations and Manager of exceL.CoD, xL Kieran, to see how the decision was made. 
"With 'Carbines' being the dominant AR player that he is and both 'Seany' and 'Zed' being predominantly SMG players, we were looking for a versatile player that was predominantly AR orientated. With the team performing so well, we knew we could look around the top teams for talent. Then it all came down to timing, no decision was rushed but when Rift Gaming split and 'Insight' became a free agent, we immediately started scrimming and found the missing piece to the puzzle. Recent online performances proved that we made the right decision!" 
On behalf of exceL eSports I would like to congratulate 'Insight' and we look forward to seeing how the squad matches up in future tournaments and EGL Blackpool in October, where they look to make their debut LAN together. For more information on this latest addition to our roster, check out THIS VIDEO by Tommy Davis (@xL_Tommyy), a recent addition to our YouTube team. If you're interested in attending EGL Blackpool, be sure to use code exceL for 5% off your total ticket price!


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