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Here at exceL eSports, we're always on the hunt for new talent and the possibility of branching out into unknown territories. I am delighted reveal more into exceL eSports dropping into Gears Of War.

I caught up with Managing Director Joel Holmes-Darby (@xL_JoeI) to see what he had to say on the new pickup. 

"Gears of War's return to the European eSports circuit posed an incredibly exciting opportunity for us here at exceL. xL Kieran and I are long-term fans of the franchise and when Nick (xL Entity), a player we have known for years, approached us with a team proposal we were more then happy to listen. Since then their attitude and commitment has impressed us and are delighted to bring them on board to represent us at EGL Open- Blackpool 2015. We are excited for the tournament and hope they perform to their full potential."
It is my pleasure to introduce the latest addition to the exceL brand in the form of a Gears of War Ultimate Edition team for Xbox One. The exceL.GoW squad consists of:
Shane 'Breck' Brecknell (@xL_Breck) [Captain]
Nick 'Entity' Fage (@xL_Entity)
Tom 'Pryor' Pryor (@xL_Pryor) 
Kieran 'FitZ' Fitzharris
These guys are by no means an entirely new team, I had a talk with Captain Shane Brecknell and this is what he had to say on the future ahead and the teams past.
"We've known each other for quite some time. Myself, Tom and Nick had all been together for close to a year before Nick decided to move to competitive Call of Duty. Upon the introduction of Gears of War ultimate edition myself and Nick (Entity) spent a few weeks on Gears of War I trialing players. We then found out that Tom's (Pryor) former team could not attend an upcoming event and sought to pick up our former team member. Kieran (FitZ) later expressed an interest in returning to competitive Gears of War and it was a no brainer.
With regards to the upcoming EGL Open I am confident that we can place well although we are a relatively inexperienced LAN team. I am eager to play and compete against the veterans of the scene on a remake of the game and show that the new blood are more than capable of making an impact on the scene."
Congratulations to the lads and we look forward to seeing how they perform at EGL Blackpool later this year! To see the full exceL.GoW team page, click here. You can also see our video announcement on this topic on our Videos page!


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