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Here at exceL eSports we're always on the look out for the next opportunity and new talent to bring into the team, both in our player-base and our staff team (shown in the graphic above). 
It is my pleasure to introduce the three new staff faces that have recently jumped onto the exceL squad and to give you a briefing of what exactly it is each new recruit will be doing with a few kind words from Managing Director Joel Holmes-Darby on the new additions.
YouTube Manager - Tommy Davis - xL Tommy 
Tommy is primarily in charge of all content to be posted on the official exceL eSports YouTube channel. Recently Tommy has been posting brief video updates on the state of exceL including player pickups and the new Gears of War squad.
Joel had this to say on the new Youtube Manager
Tommy was a pick up that I don't think many people expected but everybody has undoubtedly agreed was a fantastic one. He's a well known presenter on The STiKS (A Call of Duty Esports Podcast) and thus recognised both in North America and Europe for his contribution to the scene. He's a very passionate individual who has a very professional manner in which he presents himself on camera which is what attracted exceL eSports' attention. He fitted all the characteristics of who we would like to run our Youtube page.
Here is what xL Tommy had to say on his new position within exceL eSports
The main reason I joined exceL was because I felt it was the right time for myself to represent an organisation to further my expertise. I love what exceL stands for with their professionalism and was already acquainted with xL Joel and xL Kieran. I have a lot of aspirations with this organisation and hope my content will contribute to building the brand and personality of its members. 
Head of Sales - Christopher Thomas - xL Christopher
Christopher is exceL eSports' most recent headhunt and newest member to the entire exceL organisation. Christopher is responsible for managing our Partnership portfolio and ensuring exceL continue to boast strong relationships with all companies that we work with.
Joel had this to say on the newest staff addition
Christopher's own work establishing Vigour eSports showed him to be professional, intelligent and business-minded. An ideal fit for our mantra and the way we operate. We are delighted to have him on board as our Head of Sales and confident in his ability to deliver, we are excited to see what results he brings us!
Here is what Christopher had to say 
I was contacted by xL Joel in regards to joining exceL, to be honest, it wasn't something I had initially thought about. However, opportunities like being part of this organisation don't come knocking on the door everyday, so I jumped at the chance. I'm here to increase the opportunities this organisation has to become an even bigger and more successful business and that is exactly what I intend to do! My role may change over time, I'm a very driven character and I like to succeed in anything I take time in doing! I know this project will not be any different.
Feature Writer - Rhodri Harrison - xL Rhodz
Rhodri is primarily in charge of all written articles and content on exceL eSports including this very article! Rhodri is an aspiring journalist who has a particular passion for eSports and Film/Television. Rhodri will provide updates on what is happening within exceL eSports and provide a few words off the relevant exceL members. 
Joel had this to say on the new writer
Rhodri was the stand out applicant amongst a few that replied to our call for budding article writers. He's very astute and diligent and is already proving to be a great addition to our Content Team as our Feature Writer. 
Finally, here are a few words from myself 
I am very pleased to be representing exceL as their Feature Writer. I had been debating whether to entirely freelance write or look to write for an organisation whether they be involved in Football/Television and Film or eSports. As soon as I heard about exceL eSports looking for a writer, I applied, I was well aware of their growth and their potential to become a big name. I am thoroughly impressed with the level ofwork the staff have done in my short time of being here and I am happy to be one of the staff team for such an excellent organisation.
If you fancy finding out a few more personal details about the new staff pick-ups be sure to check out their exceL profiles on the Staff page and follow them on twitter!
@xL_Tommyy, @xL_Rhodz & @xL_Christopher


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