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Sat 5th Dec 2015 - 4:02pm : General : Gaming


We are delighted to formally announce the introduction of our new, and exceL eSports's first, competitive Halo roster ahead of the upcoming UK arm of the Halo World Championships, being hosted by Gfinity, with a recently announced prize pool of $2 million. We announced our interest in finding a team through our Social Media pages recently and of all the conversations we have had since, we are extremely pleased to be working with a roster that combines experience and talent with the correct attitude that we look for in a competitive roster. Without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce exceL.Halo, consisting of Liam 'Havoc' Peck, Casey 'Lunny' Lunn, Conor 'VexZeus' Scally and Kyle 'CreepeazY' Thompson!

We are very excited to be getting involved in the competitive Halo scene, a game we have always admired and were delighted to see the resurgence of the brand with regards to eSports. Keep your eye on our Twitter page for regular updates on the team's progression as they look to qualify for the HCS. The team has impressed recently after reaching two consecutive finals of the GfinityOnline Halo cups, and Liam Peck (xL Havoc) had this to say about the team's decision to join exceL eSports:

"We were already aware of the big things you guys are doing at exceL and was a fan of the organisation so when then team formed I knew that joining exceL was a possibility we would love to entertain. As for the HCS we are very confident to succeed as myself and Creepeazy have experience at a very high level and competed at some of the biggest events in Europe and abroad, and with the pure young gun potential of the other two it's a great combination. With our success online as long as we can carry it to LAN will have a great showing and do the organisation proud!"

Gfinity ( posted the structure of the qualification tournament as detailed below:

The Halo 5 UK Championship online qualifiers will be held on December 20th, January 3rd, January 6th and January 10th. Each qualifier will contain a total of 42,000 points and will be awarded via the following breakdown: 

·         1st = 5000 points

·         2nd = 3000 points

·         3rd-4th = 2000 points

·         5th-8th = 1500 points

·         9th-16th = 1000 points

·         17th-32nd = 500 points

·         33rd-64th = 250 points 

Upon the conclusion of the final online qualifier on January 10th and the online ladder on January 11th, the Top 16 teams who have amassed the most points total will successfully receive an invitation to the Halo 5 UK Championship Finals which will be played in front of a live audience at the Gfinity Arena. 

The Gfinity Arena will welcome the first series of The Halo World Championship, as Europe’s most talented Spartans descend upon London for the Halo 5 UK Championship Finals on the 15-17th January. These finals will be the first live event of the Halo World Championship 2016 and we look forward to putting on a fantastic, world-class show.  

The remaining 16 teams will fight for the coveted title of Halo 5 UK Champion, alongside the £10,000 prize pool and the even more desired invitation to the EMEA Finals. The invitations will be awarded to the final three podium placing teams. 



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