exceL eSports - Staff

exceL eSports - Staff

The team behind the scenes, meet our Staff! Managing Director, Joel Holmes-Darby (@xL_JoeI) and Director of Operations, Kieran Holmes-Darby (@xL_Kieran). Head of Public Relations, Charlotte Waters (@xL_Charlotte), Head of Strategy, Indy Bains (@xL_Bainsy) and Head of Finance, Jono Perry (@xL_Jono). Head of Media Aaron Stelfox (@xL_Arjjm5), Stream Manager, Matthew McClenaghan (@xL_Crolux) and YouTube Manager, Tommy Davis (@xL_Tommyy). Feature Writer Rhodri Harrison (@xL_Rhodz).

  • xL_JoeI

    Joel Holmes-Darby

    Hi I'm Joel, I'm 23 years old and am the Managing Director (as well as one of the co-owners) of exceL eSports Ltd. I've been an eSports fan for many years, mainly playing FPS games such as Call of Duty. Outside of gaming I work as a Management Consultant for KPMG and recently graduated with a degree in Management & Leadership from the University of Exeter. I love football, am a massive Spurs fan and I spend most of my spare time in the gym or working on exceL!...Read More

  • xL_Kieran

    Kieran Holmes-Darby

    Hello my name is Kieran Holmes-Darby, I am 19 and currently studying Law at Lancaster University. I have been recreationally playing video games since I can remember whilst dabbling into the competitive scenes of CoD and Fifa. In November of 2014 I decided it was time for myself and my brother Joel to take the plunge into the eSports world and attempt to create a successful gaming organisation, and so exceL eSports was born. Outside of my degree and exceL my hobbies consist of sports such as rugby, football and cricket and taking pretty girls out for dinner....Read More

  • xL_Charlotte

    Charlotte Waters

    Hi I'm Charlotte, my gamer tag is xL Charlotte, and I'm 22 years old. I am currently the head of public relations for exceL eSports and regularly attending the exciting LANs. I am currently studying Tourism Management at the University of Surrey and graduate this summer 2015. I have been playing Call of Duty casually for several years and my favourite game mode is S&D (always!). I also play competitive netball and I am captain for my university team, training three times a week along with matches!...Read More

  • xL_Bainsy

    Indy Bains

    Hey I'm Indy! (Yes like Indiana Jones) known as Bainsy. I'm the current Coach for exceL.CoD and many know me as the "hype man" throughout the Online community. I currently work Full Time for Gucci as an IT Support Services Technician, been playing competitive Call Of Duty Since COD4. I have attended around 20+ LAN's, 4 of which coming top 2 and 3 LAN's, top 6. Outside of gaming I'm a huge football fan, which also means I love FIFA. I like to go to the Gym (when I can) and most importantly have a laugh with friends and family....Read More

  • xL_Arjjm5

    Aaron Stelfox

    Hi I’m Aaron, my gamer tag is xL Arjjm5, and I’m a 19 year old student from Belfast. I am currently studying Visual Effects & Motion Graphics at USW. After initially being a Call of Duty player for exceL, I have turned my focus to managing content production and media. Time not spent competing and doing work, I spend out with friends and family. As well as this I enjoy travelling when I get the opportunity!...Read More

  • xL_Crolux

    Matthew McClenaghan

    Hi I'm Matt. I live in Belfast and I'm studying Accounting at Jordanstown University. I have been playing Call of Duty since 2008 and I have enjoyed every second of it. It took me until Black Ops 2 to discover competitive Call Of Duty which gave me a new way to play. Outside of gaming I play football, table tennis and piano but none to a very high standard!...Read More

  • xL_Tommyy

    Tommy Davis

    Hi guys, my name is Tommy and I am a third year student at the University of Hertfordshire and also a freelance eSports Content Creator. You will find most my content currently on YouTube related to Call of Duty. I am also a host on the weekly eSports show 'The STiKS'. My role at exceL eSports is to produce content across all areas of the organisation....Read More

  • xL_Rhodz

    Rhodri Harrison

    Hey, my name is Rhodri or mostly known as Rhod. I am 21 and have recently graduated Aberystywth Univeristy with a Bachelor of Arts in History. I have played games both on console and PC for years now and am currently looking to break into the writing and journalism industry. Other than that I am a huge film and television fan and Swansea City FC fan. ...Read More

  • xL_PeterG

    Peter Grabowski

    Hi, I'm Peter Grabowski! Well, I guess I'm the old man of this merry little evil corporation we've got going on, being on the wrong side of 30. I am Co-Manager of exceL's League of Legends team and the Chief Editor of all written content. At least, I believe I'm meant to be one of those people that writes about...things, things exceL eSports does at least! I've been following pro gaming for a few years now and am more than a little excited at how the scene is forming. My main areas of interest are League of Legends and Hearthstone but I have been known to fail at Call of Duty, a lot, when the mood takes me. Outside of gaming I work in the field of large scale database maintenance. I prefer gaming....Read More

  • xL_Jono

    Jono Perry

    Howdy, I'm Jonty and I solemnly swear I'm up to no good. Much like Andy Townsend, I've winged my way into a job I have very little experience in, and in all reality struggle to undertake. I do bring 4 years experience to the team but that's about it. Also, if you YouTube bold e vs dizzy argument you'll see me in the lobby. Decent right? This says 140 characters and I'm pretty sure I'm over that now so peace. PS - anybody notice Aaron has his hood up in his pic? What's all that about? G-unit....Read More